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America First Party

History of Party

The party was formed in 2021, but when Fmr. Gov. Thomas Larson was Elected Chair, he swore that he would uphold American Values.

The New Founding Fathers are Chairman Thomas Larson (MN) and Gov. Ben Phillips (TN)

State Parties

Minnesota, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Presidential Election

(1) Tony Stark a member of the American First Party, is currently the one and only person running for President in the American First parties 1st election. He plans to get the American First Party on the map by taking at-least one state in the upcoming election. His Campaign run slogan - "America Wants America First" - AWAF. Tony believes he will have much success in the election, and believes that many members will look to the American First Party as a get out card of the GOP. Time will tell to see if this is true.

(2) TBD 2nd Election