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The Librarian Party is a party in America. With 91 members, it is the most populous party in the game.

On July 9th, 2022 the Libertarian Party began a resurgence in Battle for the Hill. A close nomination process that saw Pedro Sanchez win the vice chairmanship by a single vote.

Under newly elected members of their national administration, the Libertarian Party was able to rapidly grow and reach 15% National Strength. Achieving 100% State Strength in several states (IA, OK, UT, WY, SD, MT, DC).

On the July 11th 2022 Presidential Election the Libertarian party was able to post a huge challenge in Utah during a tense battle with incumbent Republican President, James Ernest. As well as having Presidential nominee, NeoLib Creature, of the Libertarian Left Caucus, reaching over 10% Nationally.

Libertarian Party in Congress

House Seats House Net Change Senate Seats Senate Net Change Total Total Net Change
7/9/22 9 - 4 - -