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The Republican Party, also known as the GOP, is a big-tent conservative party in the United States.


The party has four default caucuses, introduced in Version III.

Notable Republican's

James Ernest , SussyNoodle , Blake Stone , Supercid ,

List of Chairs

The party has had various phases over the years. While 2018-2020 is largely forgotten and considered "irrelevant" to the current party; there has been a new and strong commitment on recording the lists of officeholders and events since May 2021.

Chairs of the Republican Party
Name Tenure Vice Chair(s) "Game" Legacy
Chavez AkA RFK Aka Monte De Ocha May 12, 2021 - Aug. 11-15? John Philips

J. Vargas

Bob Vargas

Bob Hawke

"The Godfather of the Party"
  1. Created Caucus organization 2. Lead efforts in Alpha 3. Ensured America first doctrine success by defeating NUP in taking the party for game's release 4. Presided over disappointing intro in August official release, blamed caucuses giving Democrats unfair advantage, quit in-game and then was silently couped by NUP. 5. Also known as one of the instigators of the June-July Implosion, known as the "decay of democracy" in the party. 6. Remembered better for his good leadership with the regional and caucus system, iinvented elected "RNC" system, and is regarded as inventor of the democracy system in BFTH
Cassius MacInnis August - Sept. Gavin Newsom

Civil Fox

  1. First Chair in the "NUP Dynasty"
  2. Fended off the Roblox coup with Ernest's help, which is now known to have been Newsom's product. 3. Presided over organization of a national strategy to take back house, somewhat successful 4. Fell into obscurity thanks to inactivity in last week
Frank Martin Sept. - October 15? Civil Fox
  1. Last Chair of the "NUP Dynasty"
  2. organized Party cabinet
  3. Expanded focus on Senate races
  4. Due to inactivity was couped by Ernest, Civil Fox, and Blake Stone
Civil Fox October 15 - Nov. 2 James Ernest

Blake Stone

  1. Regarded as Father of the Party
  2. Advocated successfully for the Court system
  3. enforced the Constitution after Ernest's Convention saw Blake's constitution triumphant in the vote
  4. Funded the most expensive GOP Presidential Campaign up until then for nominee Ernest, he lost by 2 E.V.
  5. Gave up power to serve on Court
Blake Stone Nov 2 - January 13,


Hairless Cat (Reagan)



James Ernest

Chris Jackson

Hairless Cat

(Reagan) 2nd time

  1. First peacetime republican Chair (normal chair)
  2. Successfully took white house for two terms, ensured Philips Presidential Victory
  3. First Republican Trifecta in game's history
  4. Presided over first complete consecutive RNC sessions 5. First to lose the Republican Trifecta 6. Key member of the Ernest v. Stone tax debate where he opposed cutting dues 7. Left chairmanship due to defamation by Pik O'Nine
Hairless Cat (Reagan) January 14, 2022 -

January 23.

James Ernest
  1. enforced the Regional system (for the first time since constitution passed)
  2. Signed the bank charter due to Ernest, Pinochet, and Anthony Williams advocacy
  3. Left due to "family reasons"
James Ernest January 23 - March 2, 2022 Augusto Pinochet

Anthony Williams

  1. Signed the Financial Plan, which grew the bank and created a Database for party intel created by Anthony Williams, the first in party history
  2. Negotiated successfully the reset of the game by Tiber (first clean slate reset of the game)
  3. Funded with 210 million from the bank, the Aegon Seleucus presidential victory 4. Created the first full party cabinet system 5. Abolished discord caucus system 6. Created the Constitutional Convention with Person Man, which gave the party the Ernest V. Stone Wars over the course of several debates, a heavily contested RNC race in February, harsh negotiations, and then the Convention Presidential in which Ernest beat Blake 7. Ratified the new Constitution and released party website 8. Re-established Trifecta; lost House due to Dem gain in California, but kept Senate 9. Left due to mental health detoriation
Civil Fox March 2, 2022 - March 15-18? (Civil War begins)

term ended

March 24 (debated)

Garrett Beck
  1. Ensured the White House was kept
  2. Rebuild party confidence after factionalism with the press conferences on Youtube
  3. Heavily hit down for funds mismanagement, survived party impeachment 4. Repealed Constitution illegally, prompting Ernest to lead a coup 5. The coup resulted in loss of powers, and the end of the constitution era
Ben Shapiro (Between March

15 and March 24)

Cassius MacInnis
  1. Drew up funds request system
  2. Tried but failed in negotiating a unity with the Stone "rebels"
Arbiter (interim co-regency, stepped down) ?
  1. Advocated for Ernest's new constitution
  2. Organized party reform by advocating successfully for presidential primary RCV and BPOU system of regional coordination
James Ernest Emperor Regime, Chair List Pause

(Served March 24 - 29)

  1. Established Empire after blaming Blake Stone and Civil for the Constitutional Crisis
  2. Passed a constitution which gave him power over system
  3. Established Secret Police for a while
  4. Disbanded all democratic institutions
  5. Barred Blake's members from membership
  6. Gave up Emperor powers on 29 and committed himself for unity
  7. Negotiated unity, but Arbiter betrayed Ernest prompting Ernest to give up server ownership to Blake Stone
  8. Griefed server few days later after Blake Stone claimed the mantle of "Chief magistrate" dictator powers, thus ending the cycle of tyranny
Moogs Since March 31, 2022 James Ernest (in-game) Garrett Beck (in-discord)
  1. Presidential Nominee


Paul Kennedy, 7th President of the United States Elected July 23, 2019 and the first Republican to hold the office

Ancient Era "The Forgotten Days" (2018-2020)

A lot is lost from 2018 from September 20th, 2018 to November 3rd, 2018, this is largely due to a lot of disorganization from the GOP. The first recorded instance of organization from the GOP was the chairmanship of Nathaniel Patton on November 3rd, 2018. Upon his election he appointed Kevin Smith as Deputy Chair and Patrick Johnson as Treasurer. His chairmanship was marked by a purging of alternative accounts, a rise in inactive members, and multiple failed attempts at the presidency.

On November 22nd, Nathaniel failed to reach the number of votes needed to stay as chair. Facing his defeat he left the party with other high ranking and high income members, which left for the inactive Libertarian Party. The splinter group took over $75,000,000 of the party treasury to help themselves as the Libertarians.

Fisher Ames former chair of the Republican Party

The victor of the November Chair Elections of 2018 was Fisher Ames, who appointed Paul Kennedy to the Vice Chair position. Over the fallout of the splinter, the party leadership focused on recruiting, organizing, and increasing activity in the Republican Party. Ames' chairmanship saw majorities in the Senate and the House, but no Presidential victory. Ames later stepped down following the return of POWER, marking the end of his chairmanship.

With Ames having stepped down, former Vice Chair Paul Kennedy ascended to Chairman on March 22nd, 2019. Under his direction, the GOP was able to win their first Presidential Election through regulation of presidential primaries. The chairman was able to retain a Senate Majority but failed to regain the house.

On July 9th, 2019, following an investigation of Kennedy during his time as Vice Chair, Chairman Emeritus Fisher Ames who maintained server ownership removed the Chair role from Kennedy. This caused Kennedy, alongside the rest of the Executive Leadership, to create a new party discord. Liam Jonkers was promoted to Chair by Ames for a brief period before the game shut down. Following the return of the game, Ames and Kennedy both contested the leadership of the party. Kennedy won the Chair election with more than half the votes that Ames had.

Records indicate that a merger between the Republican Party and the Constitution Party merged on May 18th, 2019. Creating the National Unity Party.

Eventually Ames and Kennedy reconciled, Kennedy was unbanned from the party discord and all other banned members were allowed re-entry. Following this event, Kennedy stopped the merger with the Constitution Party and returned party operations to the Republican Party discord server.

Following the resignation of Paul Kennedy, who cited time constraints on his personal life, Patrick Johnson was inaugurated as chair on July 9th, 2019. This coincided with a lapse in game activity as a whole, and as such the chairmanship of Patrick Johnson saw a steep decline in activity and seats held. Paul Kennedy had lost the Presidential primary due to inactivity, which caused the Republicans to lose the White House as well.

On September 9th, 2019, Kennedy reassumed the position of Chair. There was a period of time where the game was down and the party waited for the return of Tiber. When the game came back, the Republicans effectively dominated the game given the inactivity of the Democratic Party at the time. Kennedy, however, had to step down once again due to real life circumstances causing an early retirement from the game. Patrick Johnson oversaw the Republican Party as chair as the party was under reorganization.

This new form of administration was called the Triumvirate Chairman and was a result of no leader wanting to take the burden of reviving the very dead party. It was formed using "emergency powers" within the Constitution that would allow the Founding Fathers to revamp party leadership. The three members of the triumvirate were John Logs, Dobs, and Patrick Johnson. This was maintained for an unknown period of time.

Ricardo Rosselló, Republican Party Chairman during the Alpha

Alpha 2.0: The Phantom Chavez

Following the return of Tiber, and an announced return of Battle for the Hill, parties began to organize. The Republican Party founders had initially organized under the Bull Moose Party banner, but quickly pivoted to the Republican Party and started to organize the party structure and discord server. Events prior to the launch of the Alpha included former POWER Republicans attempting to form the Democratic Party as a result of the Republicans forming before them, and the formation of the caucuses. Chavez beat Steve McQueen to the finish line; McQueen is principally important to the party's history, as one of the core "enemies" of the established Republicans.

Once Alpha 2.0 came out, the Republicans had unified under Chairman Chavez, and under his direction the party won a majority in the Senate but lost the house. The Republican Party lost the first Presidential Election of the Alpha, they would not win any presidential election for the rest of the Alpha. They would, however, trade control of Congress with the Democrats repeatedly. Chavez made many reforms:

  1. The party constitution which was vouched for by Ernest and written by John Philips
  2. The first RNC elections, as well as Executive elections
  3. a lining out of a complex cabinet structure
  4. and facilitation of culture through Ernest's Fox News, and Terra Australis. (Bob Hawke) movie/game nights
  5. As well as day to day gaming in voice chat and other things of that nature
  6. Structuring the Caucus organization
  7. And securing the Gary Johnson alliance before severing ties with Gary due to "betrayal"

Due to interparty turmoil surrounding incumbent Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Kennedy chose not to run for reelection as Chairman, and instead ran for the Vice Chairmanship. Kennedy endorsed incumbent Vice Chairman John Philips for the Chairmanship. However, Lamar Alexander(McAppled) was elected instead, riding a wave of anti-Kennedy sentiment. Under Alexander's administration, Texas was secured as a safe red state, and the GOP retook the House of Representatives for the first time since the beginning of Alpha 2.0. The gains in Texas allowed the GOP to consistently hold a majority in the House for the rest of Alpha 2.0. However, Vice Chairman Robert F. Kennedy and Treasurer Joseph McCarthy obstructed much of what Chairman Alexander wanted to do, which allowed the Democratic party to keep the state of Wisconsin solidly under their control. Pro and anti-Kennedy sentiment would continue to clash during Alexander's tenure, and he was defeated by incumbent Treasurer Joseph McCarthy on July 4th, 2021, losing reelection by just one vote.

Further party leadership elections resulted in Joseph McCarthy taking the in-game chairmanship, his primary focus being the presidential election. The Republican Party was divided between a coup attempt and the core party, which caused half of the Republican Party to stop playing during the Alpha or stop assisting the core Republicans. This resulted in losses for the Republican Party as they failed to unify during the Alpha. Which, upon its end, had a Democratic Senate and White House.

The Day of Reckoning, also known as "Great Implosion" of June-July

Advertisement for the Coup Republicans, this rhetoric was consistent among all advertisements

Internal party strife began after the chair of the party, Chavez, had deroled Vice Chair John Philips for mod abuse in the discord. This caused Philips to leave the party, claiming that such action wasn't necessary and that he was ousted from his position unconstitutionally. After Philips left the party was made aware of confidential information leaking from party leadership chats, as such the party's CIA had pulled people aside for questioning. One of these people was James Ernest, who did not comply with questioning and remained silent throughout the interview. Although no action had taken place as a result of his failure to comply, Ernest left the party and forfeited his positions. Ernest was questioned because of his rampant protesting for asking for Philips' trial and "justice."

Philips, Ernest, and other affiliated Republicans left the party and organized a resistance effort against "tyrannical actions" despite leaving on their own. This effort was secured by Ernest's negotiations with Steve McQueen, also known as Himmler, who helped the group organize a discord server and plan their coup of the Republican Party. During this time, Chavez/RFK was caught rigging elections by Aegon Seleucus, and Ernest made this video to showcase it:

Evidence brought to the Republican Federal Committee confirming Blake Stone as the origin of leaks

During this period, investigations behind leaks in the party persisted as a screenshot from the Republican Federal Committee was posted in the general chat of the main Battle for the Hill discord. A swift investigation followed by questioning found the leaker was Blake Stone, the RFC Presiding Officer. The evidence was brought to the RFC which was followed by Blake leaving to join Philips and Ernest and take his place as Chair of their Republican Party. They did well at first, and Ernest released the second video:

The coup attempt later rebranded as the Whig Party, then later merged with the National Unity Party which ended the Civil War and the coup attempt. What followed was Blake being ousted from the National Unity Party for leaking confidential information, causing him to be stripped of his roles. Many former coup members have since rejoined the Republican Party on a provisional basis.

The Civil war came to an end after the game's release. Took only a few days: Chavez and Co. complained about the Caucus system giving unfair advantages to the democrats, and they quit. This lead to a power vaccum; where NUP couped Chavez from in-game and the leftover RFK loyalists forged the America First Party (AFP).

NUP: Attack of the Roblox Raiders

NUP so far, as of early August 2021, been pretty harmless. However much was going on behind the scenes. Steve McQueen, thanks to Ernest's folly "The Great Mistake," carried out the "great betrayal" against the "Rebel" faction lead by Blake Stone; by overtaking it completely. The history is now debated during August; but these facts are agreed upon:

  1. Chavez lead a disappointing intro to release thanks to Democrats have better knowledge of mechanics and usage of the caucuses
  2. Enthusiasm for the party was low due to the Day of Reckoning
  3. The Democracy had become artificial now, and the election organization lead by "loyalists" rather than skilled strategists
  4. NUP took out Chavez and Co. loyalists and won the elections in mid-August
  5. Chavez and Co. left anyways thanks to complaints of unfairness
  6. NUP became the GOP

Because the NUP became GOP now, things were different. Democracy was erased, and it was really a silent dictatorship with the inactive McQueen largely watching an even less active oligarchy of players. Obama Care, Moogs, Huey Long, Lockford, Cassius, and Frank Martin came out as the breakout stars of this new party.