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Thirteenth United States Presidential Election
12th August 13, 2021 14th

538 electoral votes of the Electoral College
270 needed for a majority
Skyler Mizuki (Alpha2).png Ricardo Rosselló.jpg
Nominee Skyler Mizuki Ricardo Rossello
Party Democrat Republican
Home state Pennsylvania Florida
Running mate Pirate Prentice Ryancy St. Eloi
Electoral votes 406 132
States carried 31+DC 19
Popular vote 77,713,718 65,604,165
Percentage 54.22% 45.78%

Presidential election results map to be determined. Blue denotes states won by Mizuki. Red denotes states won by Philips.

President before President-elect
Joe Biden (Placeholder)
Skyler Mizuki

The Thirteenth Presidential Election of Battle for the Hill will occur on August 13, 2021, alongside Senate Class 1 elections. Former Democratic President Skyler Mizuki returns to run to serve a third non-consecutive term, with her former Vice President and presidential successor Pirate Prentice returning as her running mate. They run against Republican candidates Ricardo Rossello for president and Ryancy St. Eloi for vice president.

As of August 12, 2021, Rossello has already expressed defeat in the election given the current nationwide polling, however it is too early to call a victor.

At 10:19 PM EST, Skyler Mizuki was declared President-Elect of the United States by most news networks after securing Texas, Colorado, and New York, marking this her 3rd presidential election victory.

Mizuki's 54.22% of the popular vote was the largest recorded percentage of the popular vote for a non-incumbent's presidential victory.


Democratic Party


Thirteenth Presidential Election Democratic Party ticket
Skyler Mizuki Pirate Prentice
for President for Vice President
Skyler Mizuki (Alpha2).png
Pirate Prentice.jpg
Governor of Pennsylvania
Senator from Pennsylvania

Republican Party


Thirteenth Presidential Election Republican Party ticket
Ricardo Rossello Ryancy St. Eloi
for President for Vice President
Ricardo Rosselló.jpg
Leslie Aspin.jpg
Senator from Florida
Senator from Florida


406 132
Mizuki Rossello